This recipe comes from my Aunt Dee and I’ve used it for over twenty years.  It is not very fancy but the grated onion makes it very flavorful and makes it taste fresher than any bottled dressing.  This recipe may be too sweet for some people, in that case just cut back on the sugar if you like. Grating the onion with a grater is better than chopping it for this recipe.  The grating releases more of the natural liquids and flavor from the onion which blends in better with the rest of the dressing ingredients. The celery seed imparts a subtle vegetable flavor to this dressing.  You can omit it if this ingredient is not available to you. This is a half-recipe which makes about 1 ½ cups and fits into my plastic cruet perfectly. It has a cover so I can just shake it to combine the ingredients.  Add the sugar last so that it does not settle to the bottom of the cruet and become hard to shake and combine well. Ingredients: ½ cup sugar ½ cup oil ¼ cup vinegar ⅓ cup tomato catsup ½  teaspoon celery seed ½ onion, grated Combine all the ingredients and chill, then serve.  Here are my favorite salad ingredients to go along with this dressing: Green leaf lettuce Crumbled blue cheese Cut up basil leaves (I use leftover Thai holy basil from my Chicken with Basil recipe.) Sliced raw mushrooms Fresh peas, or just defrosted from a bag of frozen peas Sunflower seeds
Sweet and Sour Salad Dressing
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