When I have company over for a meal I often expand the number of dishes that I will serve, starting with a soup, salad or appetizer.  Starter courses like those add variety to your meal and since they can be smaller and less complicated recipes they make it easy to add to the number of dishes you will serve.  Like a warm-up act before a musical concert, starter courses can build anticipation for your spectacular main course to follow.  For smaller meals, just a soup and salad can make a full meal for a smaller group who wants to eat light.
Salad and Appetizer Recipes
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For a party I will turn out one of my dipping recipes like the artichoke dip recipe that I got from my sister in law. It is really easy to make since it only has five ingredients.  I like the tangy zip that the lemon juice gives to this recipe. The secret to my Reuben Sandwich recipe is my home made Russian Salad Dressing No other salad dressing of mine makes as fresh a difference from bottled dressing as this one. Fruit makes a great pairing with a fresh cold tossed salad.  Try my Mandarin Orange Salad made with my friend Chuck's Salad Dressing. Finally, for an elegant and delicious appetizer try my Baked Brie Recipe which has only five ingredients. All of the starter course recipes on this page are my favorites that I use all the time and that my family loves.