Whoever heard of a salad made from Brussels sprouts leaves?  I know I did not until I tried this recipe.  Separating the leaves of the sprouts is a pain but it is worth it.  When you soak those leaves, they become so crispy that they resist wilting from any dressing.  So this is a good travel-dish recipe! Ingredients: 12+ Brussels sprouts, mostly on the large side to get more and better leaves from them 3 medium apples, a sweet crunchy variety like Fuji, Honeycrisp or Gala 1 lemon, juiced – or 3 tablespoons bottled juice if in a crunch 2-3 green onions 2 tablespoons mint leaves – torn ½ cup pomegranate seeds if in season, for color.  Try ¼ cup diced red pepper as a substitute 1 cup of your favorite salad dressing – my blue cheese vinaigrette is perfect for this Slice off the stem end of the sprouts and separate each leaf and place in a bowl to soak for 30 minutes or so, then drain. You can halve each sprout for easier peeling. Core (do not peel(for color)) and cut up the apples into bite-sized chunks, and toss with the lemon juice which will prevent them from turning brown. Toss all but the mint and seeds with half of the dressing and let sit to combine flavors. Add the mint and seeds/peppers and the rest of the dressing just before serving. Adapted from Vivian Howard’s cookbook published in 2016.
Brussels Sprouts Salad
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