Learning this trick was worth the price of admission to the Thai cooking class I attended several years ago.  After handling fresh garlic, the smell can linger on your fingertips seemingly for days.  Here is an amazing trick that will surprise you and anyone that you pass this secret to. After peeling and chopping garlic, wash off the stainless steel knife you were using as you would normally.  Before drying off the knife, hold it under the running tap water and touch your wet fingertips very gently on the flat of the blade so that you do not cut your fingers.  Just touch your fingertips and the flat of the blade and the running water together.  No soap or rubbing is needed. Turn off the water, dry the blade and smell your fingertips and the smell will be totally gone. I cannot wait for someone to explain to me the science behind this simple trick.  Please email me if you know the answer.  Also – please email me and tell me how amazed you are that this actually works! Some kitchen gadget companies sell “special” stainless steel disks that can be used the same way by rubbing them under running water.  But save your money because they are just not needed.
How to Remove Garlic Smell From Your Hands
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