Desserts in my house are a real treat and are most often served at the end of my family’s meal.  But really, dessert can be enjoyed at any time of day.  The special status of a dessert sweet is a holdover from history when sugar was a rare and expensive commodity available only to the rich. 
Dessert Recipes
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Long ago there was only honey to be used as a sweetener, before sugar was readily available after the industrialization of the sugar making process.  Today of course in some areas of the world you could say that sugar is too plentiful, affecting healthy eating.  Considering the typical dessert ingredients of fats from oil, cream, cheese and other dairy fats, coconut milk plus readily available sugars, we must all be mindful of health concerns. Other desserts may include standard ingredients like flour, eggs, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, ginger and various fruits and nuts.  Spices and herbs that are normally found in main dishes can also be found in desserts like cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, basil, thyme and other herbs.  A more exotic dessert flavoring used throughout the world is rose petal water, which is used in India, Iran and in many other countries. Dessert categories include cookies, ice cream, cakes & pies, candies, puddings or custards, tarts, torts and trifles.  Pies are a particularly good medium for fruity flavorful ingredients.  Today in the USA, cupcakes have recently become a trend, approaching popularity like a fad.  Cupcake shops have appeared all across the USA, and today there are many American street vendors selling cupcakes from trucks and carts. My favorite dessert recipe that I get from my mother is her bread pudding recipe.  This is a classic recipe from the British tradition that is simple to make, with very simple ingredients.  It’s the nutmeg and vanilla that makes this simple recipe delicious. I visit Indian and Pakistani restaurants often, and a few years ago I decided to try making a carrot halwa.  It has only four ingredients, but the trick is managing to cook the carrots down properly.  The biggest kick I get out of this delicious sweet dessert is that my family cannot believe that they like a vegetable for dessert so much! My neighbor Jennifer is so pleased that her Banana Bread recipe is one of the most popular recipe web-pages that I have.  I get a lot of comments from visitors all over the world who have tried this recipe and have taken the time to email me and tell me how easy it was to make and how well it came out. Believe it or not, my favorite time saving dessert is to bake a cake from a box mix.  My special trick is to make some home made chocolate frosting to cover the box mix cake.  My mother’s simple chocolate frosting recipe is so easy to make, and everyone who tastes it exclaims how good it is.  There are only six ingredients to this family favorite of mine. Here are my favorite dessert recipes collected from over many years.  Just pick the recipe that you would like to try from the menu bar list at the far left side of this page