Mexican Recipes
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Mexican food is known for colorful and flavorful presentation of beef, chicken and pork among corn, beans and rice.  It has become very popular all around the world, so much so that it has become a mainstream cuisine.  In the USA we consume more salsa than we do ketchup, which is really something.  This food is so popular that the Taco Bell fast food chain has been very successful operating its brand of Mexican restaurants all over the world from China to Iceland, the United Arab Emirates and to Cyprus and Singapore, even India.
Vegetarian options are plentiful in Mexican cuisine.  Besides the ubiquitous corn, beans and rice, you will find that squash, garlic, onions and peppers also are common in Mexican dishes. The food of Mexico is very flavorful since a wide variety of spices and other flavorings contribute to this cuisine.  Chilies provide heat while oregano, cumin, cilantro, epazote, cinnamon, and cocoa are used for flavor.  Chipotle peppers, smoke-dried jalapeño chilies are used for both heat and flavor. Ok, so I only have a few Mexican recipes so far, but they are all wonderful and you should give them a try.  My black bean salad is a hit whenever I take it to parties.  It is very flavorful, travels and keeps well plus it needs no cooking.  This makes it a great pot luck dish to go.  My taco seasoning recipe means that I never have to buy packaged taco seasoning at a store again.  In truth, I make it a bit differently every time depending on what I have on my spice shelf at the moment.  But the basics are here and you can experiment with these ingredients too. The salsa recipe that I use comes from my sister in law, Bernie.  Once you make your own fresh salsa, you will always notice a big taste difference from what you get in a jar or foil packet!  Be sure to try this recipe so that you can learn what really fresh salsa tastes like. Please choose one of these recipes here on the left menu bar and try them out!