I think my favorite food category of all is sandwiches.  Making a sandwich is like cooking a miniature meal.  You can go through your refrigerator and combine all kinds of meats, cheeses, veggies, sauces and condiments to make the perfect sandwich any time of day.  Leftovers from many of my recipes like my meatloaf and roast chicken make perfect sandwiches. By definition a sandwich is made by just slapping together a couple of pieces of bread, or even just one for an open faced sandwich, with a filling.  This makes a great portable meal that can go anywhere whether it is to work, school or picnic.  Scholars say that the term sandwich was born in the 1700’s and was named after the English aristocrat John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich.  They say that he preferred his meats served between slices of bread so that he could play his card games without getting his fingers dirty.   In the 1900’s, bakeries started offering pre-sliced bread and soon rapid industrialization brought the mass production of individually wrapped pre-sliced loaves of bread.  All this would make sandwich making more easy and convenient.  It was 1930 when Wonder Bread first started selling packages of sliced bread nationwide in the USA.  Flour manufacturers lamented the demise of the household 100 pound bag of flour when most homemakers no longer baked their own bread. In the UK you might call a sandwich a “butty”, or a “sanger” in Australia.  There are lots of international sandwich variants, the croque-monsieur in France, the bánh mì in Vietnam, the bauru in Brazil and the caprese in Italy to name a few. But whatever you call them, I love sandwiches.  My favorite is my barbecue pulled pork sandwich.  I use an oven method for cooking the pork, which is easier than any outdoor method.  Don’t forget my Reuben sandwich recipe which is great when paired with my homemade Russian dressing.
My Favorite Sandwich Recipes
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