Chicken Recipes
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I really like cooking with chicken, so I use it often in my recipes.  What I like about cooking with chicken is that the meat seems to easily take on the flavors of whatever sauces or curry you choose.  When cooked properly, chicken has an appealing texture and light flavor that goes well with any preparation method and any meal.  
Chicken breast meat has very little gristle and other connective tissue in comparison to chicken thighs or most cuts of beef or pork.  So cooking time does not have to be very long in order to make breast meat tender.  It also has very little fat, which makes it a healthy choice but this is another reason why your cooking time is critical.  Low fat means low moisture and so the meat can dry out very quickly.  There is nothing worse than overcooked and dried out chicken breast meat.  So please follow chicken breast recipes carefully, and watch over them so that they do not overcook.  Unlike breasts, chicken thighs cook more like beef and pork so slightly less care is needed when cooking them.  You do not need a special oven to make Indian Tandoori Chicken since just a barbecue grill or a regular oven will do in a pinch.  No, this will not make your chicken turn out just like your favorite Indian restaurant but the flavors will be very different than American fried chicken!  For your leftover tandoori chicken, try whipping up some Indian Butter Chicken.  This dish is simply a cream based tomato sauce with spices that is very colorful and good to serve over rice. Chicken Adobo is a recipe that come from my sister-in-law Bernie, who is from Manila.  This is a simple recipe from the Philippines and its most exotic ingredient is soy sauce.  The combination of some vinegar with the soy sauce gives this dis its special zing. My son’s favorite chicken dish is Thai Chicken Satay which is really easy to make, with ingredients that can be found in almost any food market.  The most exotic ingredient, and the secret to this dish, is a can of coconut milk.  To pick out a chicken recipe, just choose from the menu bar listing on the left side of this page.