My Best Grilling Recipes
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My outdoor grill is used all year long in any weather, since my family loves grilled food so much.  Rain and snow do not stop me, since I have so many grilling recipes and love to use them.
Grilling can be a healthier way to cook, since fat drips away from the food and does not collect and soak your food the way it can in a frying pan.  And unlike frying, when you grill your food it does not need a coat of fat, usually oil, to ensure that the food does not stick to the fry pan.  That way, the food has less fat content and is healthier for you.  And grilling can replace the flavor lost by cooking in a low fat way. The risk is that grilling can quickly dry out foods that are even slightly overcooked, so it is important to learn how to tell when foods are fully cooked so that you can remove them from the grill immediately. Grilling allows cooking at high heat so that the food forms new flavor chemical compounds, giving the food that distinctive roasted flavor.  In addition, the food can take on the flavor of the organic fuel used to fire the grill.  Common types of wood used in grilling include oak, hickory, mesquite, oak, and pecan, or fruit tree woods such as such as cherry and apple.  Fat drippings from the food can strike the hot coals and sputter some smoke that rises and flavors the food even more. One mistake that new cooks make is to coat foods for grilling with a sweet based barbecue sauce.  They find that their food turns black and is not very tasty.  When cooking with a sweet barbecue sauce, it is best not to brush on the sauce until the very last minutes of cooking and then grill for just a few minutes on medium-low heat.  Or, you can grill with a sweet sauce if you lower cooking temperature and raise cooking time, like with my barbecued pork shoulder. Other less sweet marinades may be used without fear of burning, like my Thai chicken satay  skewers recipe.  This recipe contains just a little sugar so the chicken can be grilled without fear of burning over the hot coals.  I do not have a Tandoori oven but that does not stop me from making a batch of Tandoori chicken.  This is another easy recipe that does not contain any exotic ingredients but it does taste out of this world. Here are my best grilling recipes from all over my recipe website.  Most of the time I use a gas grill, but these recipes will work with charcoal too.  Asian countries have a long grilling history and my favorites are Thai, Indian and Vietnamese as you will see. Just pick from the menu bar listing on the left of this page to find a new favorite grilling recipe.