Vegan Recipes
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Veganism takes vegetarianism to the next level.  Vegans exclude not only meat, but also and all other animal-derived ingredients.  A vegan diet excludes eggs and all other dairy products plus foods that are processed using animal products including refined white sugar, honey, and even some wines.  Vegans may also avoid the use of all products tested on animals.
Throughout history, veganism has been associated with religious or ethical practices.  In 1944 the actual term “vegan” was introduced in the UK. and in recent years, along with vegetarianism, veganism is on the rise.  It is thought that, in addition to the religious and ethical tenants, health concerns are helping to popularize veganism.  After all, a vegan diet may promote lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels and lower body mass plus reduced chances of  contracting type 2 diabetes, prostate and colon cancer.  We can also see that it is getting easier to become a vegan today with the rise of availability of organic produce, more restaurants offering more vegetarian choices and prices starting to fall for vegan foods. My favorite vegan recipe is my chana masala (chickpea curry) recipe.  I am always finding new things to add to this curry, like the apple pieces that I mention in this recipe.  Try also adding some coconut milk to make this dish a more creamy success. Of course no Indian meal would be complete without a serving of basmati rice.  My recipe explains the classic method of sautéing the spices in cooking oil along with the rice before adding the water.  Nothing is more fragrant to me than basmati rice cooked in this way. For a simple but filling vegan side dish, try my roasted vegetables recipe.  It is amazing what a little sprig of fresh rosemary does for this recipe!  My neighbor Jennifer gave me a recipe for black bean salad that I have been making for years.  In this recipe the red wine vinegar and the lime juice cuts through the black beans, corn and avocado for a great contrast in tastes. On this page I have gathered the recipes from all over my website for our vegan friends who want to avoid all animal products and by-products, even dairy items and honey, from their diet. Just select one of the easy vegan recipes at the left of this page....