This recipe is so easy and it makes a big splash with any dessert that you can use it with.  The flavor is so much more dazzling than store bought whipped cream!  Ingredients: ¾ - 1 cup heavy cream 2 tablespoons confection sugar – the cornstarch  in that sugar will help it keep its shape for days ¼ - ½ teaspoon vanilla When I can get it, I use Lewes Dairy heavy cream that comes from that dairy farm in Lewes, Delaware.  You can buy it in specialty (expensive) food stores in some mid Atlantic states in the USA.  It whips really easily because it has a really high fat content and it is minimally processed.  That means it has a short shelf life so check the freshness date on the container and use it soon! If you can not get Lewes Dairy cream then just use what you can get in your grocery store, and try chilling the bowl before you whip the cream.  That may make your job easier, especially if you do not have an electric mixer.  I highly recommend the electric mixer for this task. First, chill your mixing bowl in your refrigerator.  Cream whips better when it is cold and chilling the bowl helps keep the cream cold.  It will whip faster, be more fluffy and stay fluffy longer. Beat the cream alone, until peaks start to form.  Add the sugar and the vanilla and beat some more until the peaks of the cream hold themselves up.  Be careful not to beat too much or you will have butter! Please try this with my strawberry shortcake and apple pie recipes.
Whipped Cream Recipe
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