I’ve I never order wraps in any restaurant or snack stand. A wrap to me seems to pound the life out of the ingredients stuffed into it. To me, bread cannot be beat. At least that is what I thought until I started to make this salad stuffing recipe that I take to dinner parties as well as serve at home.  The goat cheese liquefies with the heat and makes for a gooey apple-sweet mess that everyone loves. Ingredients: ¼ cup simple syrup infused with apple (see recipe Note below – this requires overnight prep so plan ahead!) 3 cups lettuce, chopped small ½ - ¾ cup shredded cooked chicken, about one jumbo chicken breast ( I like to use leftover Thai Chicken Satay) ⅓ cup seedless grapes, sliced in half ⅓ cup fresh goat cheese, chopped up/shredded 3 tablespoons orange juice 2 tablespoons olive oil Black pepper to taste Burrito sized (large) tortillas for serving. You’ll need about 3-4. Just toss everything together except the tortillas. See the goat cheese start to liquefy and spread. Go online and learn how to fold up a burrito/wrap. (There is a technique - You place the filling on ⅓ of the wrap and go from there.) Use about ½ - ¾ cup of filling for each wrap and fold them up. This recipe should fill about 3- 4 wraps. Dry fry each stuffed wrap in a skillet on medium-high with a cover.  About 2-3 minutes, then flip for 2-3 covered minutes more. The wrap will heat through the filling and brown a little.) NOTE:  Simple syrup infused with apple: Peel & core & slice 2-4 pounds of apples.  Granny Smith variety is too tart.  Use an eating apple that is crisp, like Gala, etc.  Toss the apples with an equal weight of granulated sugar and let macerate overnight either at room temperature or in a refrigerator. The next day, cook the mixture on medium heat until just some of the fruit turns translucent.  We do not want the syrup turning caramel color.  We also don’t want the syrup to congeal and become difficult to work with so add a little water if you need to thin it a bit.  As it cools, more of the fruit will turn translucent. Adapted from Vivian Howard’s, This Will Make It Taste Good, 2020.  
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