Chex Party Mix
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There are a lot of newfangled ingredients added to Chex Mix recipes that you find on the cereal boxes today and on the net.  Items like bagel chips, taco mix, onion salt, etc., just seem wrong to me.  This is the Chex Party Mix recipe that my Mom used in the 1960’s based on the one that was on the cereal boxes of that time.  I’ve increased the amount of butter and Worcester sauce a bit because I like my Chex Party Mix a bit more flavored. Ingredients: 2 cups Rice Chex 2 cups Wheat Chex 2 cups broken pretzel sticks (about half of a 10 ounce bag) 8 ounces salted peanuts (I use half of a 16 ounce can of Planter’s Cocktail peanuts) 8 tablespoons butter, melted 6 tablespoons Worcester sauce ⅛ + teaspoon garlic powder (Reduced in 2022) Mix all of the Chex and the peanuts and pretzel sticks in a large bowl and set aside.  Pour the melted butter on a 17x11x1 baking sheet and add the Worcester sauce and garlic powder and mix it right in the pan with a rubber spatula.  Add the bowl of dry ingredients and use that spatula to toss and coat each piece.  Bake in a 250 degree oven for 45 minutes but take it out every 15 minutes and toss the mix again.  It takes some technique in handling a hot baking sheet and trying to toss the mix without scattering pieces all over the kitchen but it can be done.  Cool the mix on paper towels which have been laid out over a couple of sheets of newspaper on your kitchen counter.  If you use just paper towels, your counters will become greasy with butter.  If you use just newspaper you get a newspaper-flavored mix, so I like paper towels over newspaper.  Make a double batch of this because it goes fast! The wet mixture for a double batch is 16 tablespoons (2 sticks) butter and 75 ml Worcester sauce.